Space Exhibition

Organizations, companies, and research entities working on space related fields are invited to exhibit their products and services at the designated exhibition area in the conference venue. The exhibition can be in the form of actual products, brochures, posters or roll-ups. The exhibition will be a great opportunity to present the latest products and services related to space science, technology, applications, and regulation.

Information and procedure

To reserve an exhibition space at the conference or to get more information, please send an email to the conference official email address: SpaceStar23@crmn.mesrs.tn

Please specify the following elements in the email:

  • Exhibition type: products, poster, etc.
  • Needed furniture: Table, board, etc.
  • Minimum area required
  • Any specific needs

Key dates

The deadline to send an application to reserve an exhibition space is  October 2, 2023.

Questions or Inquiries should be sent to: SpaceStar23@crmn.mesrs.tn